Counselling via Skype

I provide face to face sessions via the internet in the comfort of your own home or office.  No need for travel or issues with parking.
To use Skype you will need a laptop or a computer, a broadband connection, a webcam and a microphone.  Skype software can be downloaded to your laptop or computer from
Skype uses encryption so video calls made using it are confidential.
People with mobility issue or disabilities to access counselling
People with agoraphobia who are not yet ready to go outside
Accessible from anywhere in the world
Access to a wider choice of counsellors
Ideal for people living in rural areas who would otherwise have to travel far distances
Helpful for those who are too shy to use conventional counselling
Access to a counsellor from your home or office as long as you will not be disturbed for 50 minutes
Suitable for those who often have to travel as part of their work and can be accessed from a laptop in the privacy of a hotel room
Parents with childcare commitments that make it difficult to attend counselling sessions
It is not advisable to counsel clients with psychosis, eating disorders, substance abuse, personality disorders and bipolar depression or for those who are in acute distress, currently experiencing domestic violence or physical or sexual abuse or have a risk of suicide or self-harm.

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